Golf courses

13/07/2020 18:37:16

Golf courses, merchant account and credit card processing.

Golf courses can be used by everyone from any background and is accessible to any age. There are normally members in golf clubs who are regulars. These members must subscribe to the golf club and these memberships can either be months or years.

Also, at these golf courses, merchandise and equipment is available to buy and this can be done through the use of websites or can be done over the phone. Additionally, you can rent the whole golf course out for a special event such as a birthday party.

Despite there are so many ways in which customers can make purchases in the golf clubs, payment processors still decide not to offer their service to these golf clubs as they are perceived to be high risk due to the fact that memberships can have high transaction values.  

However, here at Paytriot payments we specialise in high risk businesses as we will provide your dealership with a merchant account. This will allow you to take card payments both online and through the telephone via our virtual terminal.

Who are Paytriot Payments?

Paytriot Payments is a UK based payment provider that provides merchant services to businesses looking to accept payments online or over the phone based in the UK and Europe.

Paytriot is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom and is listed with Visa and MasterCard to process card payments directly. Our team have gained years of experience in multiple sectors in the industry and would be able to fully understand your business model whether your business sector is in a complex low risk or high-risk industry. 

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