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Tombola, merchant services and payment processing.

Tombola is a game in which people pick tickets out of a revolving drum and certain tickets win immediate prizes, typically played at a fete or fair. However, the game of tombola has evolved and now can be played online as well as in such fairs. The difference between a tombola and a raffle is that a tombola results in instantaneous wins as soon as you purchase a ticket whereas in a raffle competition, you purchase raffle tickets and wait until the prize gets released at a certain time.

Tombolas can be so diverse with the prizes they give away so this means that a lot of people can enter these tombolas and win instantly. If a customer really wants to win then they might spend more money on more tickets to try and win the instant prize. This will result in repeat purchases and once they win, the customers may come back to you for other tombolas and this is how you may interest customers.

Due to its high-risk nature, it can be hard to find a payment processor within the tombola sector. However, at Paytriot Payments we specialise in the competitions and tombola sector.

At Paytriot we offer a range of merchant services to businesses and we can offer a merchant account to tombola websites. You will have access to your Paytriot payment portal where you are able to track transactions made on your online store. Paytriot also acquires payments on your behalf, and releases them to your business bank account, ensuring that all payments are made on time. We also release them earlier than other payment processors because we want your business to thrive.

If you are interested, then please contact us and our team of account managers or administrators will guide you through the set-up process.

Who are Paytriot Payments?

Paytriot Payments is a UK based payment provider that provides merchant services to businesses looking to accept payments online or over the phone based in the UK and Europe. Paytriot is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom and is listed with Visa and MasterCard to process card payments directly.

Our team has gained years of experience in multiple sectors in the industry and would be able to fully understand your business model whether your business sector is in a complex low risk or high-risk industry.

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