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Museums credit card processing and payment acquiring

Museums are an attraction to the tourists and locals all over the world, and they have been for generations. Up and down the UK you can find some of the world’s most famous museums from the Science museum to the Natural History Museum, both based right in the heart of London. 

Tourists travel to see museums, and therefore online ticket sales have increased rapidly over the last decade.

Tourists tend to go to the British museum if they are in the UK as they want to delve into the deep history of Britain including the two world wars. Whilst tourists in New York will be rushing to see the world-famous Metropolitan Museum of Art with many masterpieces on display including those from Van Gogh. Either way there is something for everyone globally and customers tend to book their tickets months in advance.

School trips to Museums are used as a practical tool to capture the interest of younger students whilst also educating them in a way a teacher cannot do. The science Museum is often the point of interest for schools, with teachers booking tickets in bulk, both online and over the telephone. 

At Paytriot Payments we can provide our merchant services to museums. We offer payment processing for debit and credit cards for both Visa and Mastercard. We ensure that all customers details are protected, and all fraudulent transactions are blocked, therefore giving your business safety and security. 

Paytriot will also acquire payments on your behalf, these go into your merchant account. 

If you are interested, then please contact our friendly team of account managers who will guide through the set-up process.


Who are Paytriot Payments?

Paytriot Payments is a UK based payment provider that provides merchant services to businesses looking to accept payments online or over the phone based in the UK and Europe. Paytriot is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom and is listed with Visa and MasterCard to process card payments directly.

Our team has gained years of experience in multiple sectors in the industry and would be able to fully understand your business model whether your business sector is in a complex low risk or high-risk industry.


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